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December 6, 2017
December 27, 2017

The weary world rejoices 

I like to start off my blogs as if we are already in a conversation. As if we are friends, opening up over coffee. 

 I find myself in an inner frenzy this time of year. Hoping and longing for a moment where time will switch to slow mo mode like it can on my phone camera. Whatever is videoed can be replayed in slow motion. At whatever speed you were moving, with the touch of the screen you are halted. Almost on pause. 

Every December I enter it with the intention of going slow. And I don’t mean cease activity. That’s impossible. I mean centering myself on the inside on the Word and living presently in every moment with purpose. 
 I sat in the grocery store parking lot for about 10 minutes, looking out of the windshield, and just breathed. I paused. Paused needing to run to get something for dinner, again. Paused the task I do daily to plan food, get food, prep food and serve food. It can wait. I will have to do it again tomorrow too. I took a moment in my car, in that parking lot to anticipate what is to come on Christmas. The emotions and hustle and bustle with family, friends and Church responsibilities. The realization that for a few moments I will have to come to grips with the fact that what I have is so much more laid open at Christmas. Any bit of loniness is lonier. Being sad at Christmas is so much sadder. 
 At Christmas all we have and don’t have is more real. It’s before our eyes. What we long to have, whether it be closer relationships or stability in our lives, it is out there, waiting to be recognized and dealt with by us. 

And on top of looking at my life through a magnifying glass, every December I promise myself, I will not let this month blow by without pausing to reflect and look upon the miracle of Jesus. 

I won’t wait until Christmas Eve service. But here it is again, another December has left my soul in a pile of to do lists and left over wrapping paper. So, I go to God, the restorer of my soul and confess that I am not whole. That I am living this December from a frenzied state. That I am flustered  and rushed to make this time great for my children, friends and Church family. That somehow in it all I skipped pushing the slow mo button. There is a savior for this worn out soul and I must look to Him. It is a line in my favorite Christmas song after all. I identify with it more than any other.
The weary world rejoices. Only when you have been weary do you truly know how to rejoice. Only when you are tired and the rescuer comes, do you fully know that falling on your knees is your only response. You fall because the savior has come to redeem you from yourself. You fall on your knees because you are so relieved He has come. You fall on your knees because you are completely in love with who He is. 

No matter what 2017 has brought you, December magnifies it. All the good, all the bad. In the next 2 days, take all those things that are under the magnifying glass and lay them at the feet of the son that was given. He can carry it for you. If He can carry the government on His shoulders, He can hold your small, valuable life and all that it entails. Give it to Him and be bare for a while before Jesus, fill up to overflowing on the Word and let your soul be cleansed and renewed. 

Whether you offically recognize the Advent season within December or not, it is the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. We are all living within a time of advent. 

The angels said, “Immanuel is coming!” They launched advent in that moment.

These are the last few days of advent, the anticipation, and waiting is coming to a screetching halt. The angels sang and announced the coming of Jesus. They sang and rejoiced because the savior that will tear the veil between God and man is finally coming on the scene. He has been announced. And then in that moment, all of Heaven stood to attention and exclaimed, “Glory to God in the highest!” 
Finally uninhibited relationship between the creator and His creation will be restored. 

If you are weary, rejoice, the lover of your soul came in a way that we can understand. He entered on a weary, messy scene in a barn, with a first time mom, with strangers all around.  He entered on the scene in a way to demonstrate the closeness He wants with us. A womb.  

We prepare our hearts during this season for Christmas Day,  but more so, we live our lives in preparation, and looking toward for when He comes again. And at His 2nd coming, the world will no doubt be weary, but, you can rejoice, if your name is written in the Lambs book of life. 

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