God loves you more than you can imagine! He created you with purpose. When sin entered the picture and caused you and I to be separated from Him, He came to Earth and lived as a Man (Jesus). He surrendered His life as a sacrifice and paid the penalty in FULL. He did not stay dead. He took the keys to Hell and returned to life. After spending time saying "goodbye" the men and women he called His friends, He returned to Heaven and is waiting there for You. This means that there is nothing you or I can do to earn favor with God. You cannot live well enough. You cannot do enough good. You cannot avoid enough "sin". The ONLY way to experience true freedom is simply this:

Pray right now and accept God's gift. It needs to be from YOUR heart and in YOUR words. Simply confess to Him that You know You are not perfect. Confess to Him that you know that you have committed countless acts of selfishness throughout your life. Confess that you believe Jesus died in your place and came back to life. Thank Him for His forgiveness. Confess that from THIS moment on, your life belongs to Him.



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