Worship, it’s how I breathe.

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Right now I can’t be satisfied and at the same time, I couldn’t be more fulfilled. I have my headphones on and a song on repeat. It’s been playing over and over all day. It’s simple, it’s a live worship song from United Pursuit titled “Never Going Back”.

I don’t really pay attention to the song as much as the One I’m connecting with, God my Father. His presence is so rich in my soul. His presence, food I cannot live without, the air I breathe.

At our Church we wrestle with the need to go deeper in worship. We wrestle because we don’t know how to describe something like the need to breathe or the need our bodies have for our beating heart. So I want to take a few sentences and “shove” you into worship right now.

If you’re reading my post, you’re online and can get to a worship tune. Pick one, headphones or not, play the thing. Once it plays sink your head down into you hands and make yourself aware that God is with you right now. In this moment you too can take a breathe, your soul can be satisfied.

You see, my God, the Almighty, is a restorer. Whatever is lost, stolen, lacking, He brings to you. He’s running down your driveway, beating on your door yelling “Live! Live! I’m here! Take what I have! I’m restoring your brokenness!” He will always meet you in worship.

I’m Keith and I’m the Pastor of Calvary in Ely. I care for you and want to see you connect with an absolutely good, pure and true God. I’m praying for you.

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