We can ask. Prayer is simple.

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Frustration sucks, honestly. I think if you’re human, you’ve been frustrated. Add frustration to hope in a God who is supposed to help us but seems distant, it really, well you get the point.

I’ve spent years being frustrated as a Christian. I have ambitions, high hopes, dreams, plans, ahhh! I try hard to make them happen, I pray and air my frustrations with the author and finisher of my faith. I get some more hope then crash again. What did I miss?

Jesus tells us that we can ask anything in His name and He will do it. For a long time I questioned if He realy meant it. I’d go back and forth. I’m sure you know what I mean.”It can’t mean everything.” “Well, maybe I need more faith.” “Maybe if I’m righteous enough.”

All of these thoughts just got in the way. The truth is, I never just asked and believed God heard me. I didn’t bring believe into my asking. Now I can slap my forehead and say “duh, He said all things are possible to those who believe.”

Asking is simple. I have all I need to be a pro at it. God has all He needs to answer me. Done.

I’m Keith and I’m the Pastor at Calvary in Ely. I care and I want you to find peace in the simple act of asking God for what you need in prayer. I’m praying for you.

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