Train Your Brain to Reign – Part 1

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Train Your Brain to Reign – Part 1

Train Your Brain to Reign” is a series of teachings I developed some years ago. I think I will post it in sections. Just the outline form without my comments. We tend to have the mentality of “Waiting” for God to come with some new Revival or Move when He is already here! I believe the biblical facts reveal this simple Truth: We think we need to “wait” for Him to move, when the Truth is: He’s WAITING FOR US TO MOVE!

Take the responsibility for our TRUE personal spiritual condition before Him.

Not our self-evaluation of where we want to believe we are in HIM! I don’t mean to sound judgmental or self-righteous BUT if JESUS SAID:

“These signs shall follow them that BELIEVE…”

Since He is not a liar, then the lack of the Supernatural Acts of God manifesting in our lives indicates that the problem is with us NOT HIM! Something is out of alignment with “OUR BELIEF SYSTEM” in regards to His Word!

It’s time to discover OUR TRUE CONDITION before Him so we can align our ‘inner-most being” with WHO HE IS and WHAT HE SAID, rather than finding a self-security that our Doctrinal Statements are in proper order because we are “FULL GOSPEL” people. Here’s a thought to ponder: “FULL GOSPEL” really implies that we are “FULLY LIVING BY EXPERIENCE” what is revealed in the Gospels. Not just that our belief system is right according to the Gospel! Are we really “Full Gospel” people? Or just Full Gospel by belief without manifestation?

Train Your Brain to Reign – Not for the Religious -Minded or Faint-Hearted!

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