Those in Need

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“Those in need”… That’s what was on my mind nearly eight years ago as I stood on my parents deck looking over Ely. I saw what appeared as “dark lights”, radiating out of the souls of people in the valley, floating up to the sky. God was there, close to all those people who are wanting something in life. Something, but not sure how to give a vocabulary to it.

I still remember that night. I remember what God said to me afterward when He called on me to give my life for all those people. I pledged to serve him, not knowing anything more that I would do it. The next morning we drive back to Phoenix. All that consumed my mind was the call and the passion I knew God had to answer the darkness in people.

If you find this post I hope one of two things. One, something sparks inside of you. A light flickers on that wasn’t there before. I hope that you sell out in order to find one day ignighted I’m you. A fire that shines bright. Two, if you have that light, you use it to light someone else’s.

I’ve been in a dark place myself, dark light radiating from my soul. In desperation I called out to find something to shine in place of my darkness. Someone answered back. His name is Jesus Christ.

I’m Keith, and I’m the Pastor at Calvary in Ely. I care and want to help you find satisfaction in life. I’m praying for you.

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