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What do you think of when you see this picture? You may know, it is a picture of my favorite book/story/movie/cartoon and everything, Alice in Wonderland. This is the White Rabbit. Anytime the Red Queen … Read More

Carry Jesus’ Burdens Today

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In the seasons of our life where we feel things are out of balance and heavy, we need to learn some things from Jesus. We need a change of perspective. Maybe we need a new wine-skin. Perhaps we need a complete overhaul. Whatever it is, He will speak to you Words that will shift you into a place of rest for your soul.

We can ask. Prayer is simple.

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I’ve spent years being frustrated as a Christian. I have ambitions, high hopes, dreams, plans, ahhh! I try hard to make them happen, I pray and air my frustrations with the author and finisher of my faith. I get some more hope then crash again. What did I miss?

Worship, it’s how I breathe.

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You see, my God, the Almighty, is a restorer. Whatever is lost, stolen, lacking, He brings to you. He’s running down your driveway, beating on your door yelling “Live! Live! I’m here! Take what I have! I’m restoring your brokenness!” He will always meet you in worship.

Those in Need

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I’ve been in a dark place myself, dark light radiating from my soul. In desperation I called out to find something to shine in place of my darkness. Someone answered back. His name is Jesus Christ.