If you're gifted in music, dance, or audio-visual arts, we would love to give you and opportunity to thrive and cultivate those giftings

Contact our Worship Pastor, Ian Bullis to talk more about joining our team.


Below are the values, expectations and standards for members of our worship community


Humble | Teachable | Patient | Joyful


Attend Saturday Rehearsal AND Sunday Warm Up

Prep Time

15 minute “prep time” to pray, get water, set up, tune etc. from Scheduled Time.

Rehearsal begins promptly at 10:15 Saturday morning.


We are all members of one band. If one part sounds bad, the band sounds bad. So it is important to be patient if a member requires extra/special time to work out parts etc.


As worship leaders, our spiritual state will have profound effect up the atmosphere of other band members and the rest of the church family. Please be “prayed up” prior to rehearsal and main service start. If you’re having a rough time, say so and we’ll pray it up together 🙂


Clean, organized & ready. Music in order with clear notes cues written down. Trash and personal items removed.

Personal Stage Image

Even though it can be a frustrating reality, the way we carry and care for ourselves has a tremendous effect on the amount of respect people have for us.

Continuous Skill Improvement

We should be continuously finding opportunities (on our own time) to expand our abilities, influences and skill sets as musicians, artists and technicians.

Church Family Involvement & Participation

We are not Rockstars. Anyone involved in the Music Ministry must be involved and plugged into our church family
(outside main service)