My Vision for Calvary

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Hi. Thanks for reading this post. I’m pretty excited about it. First off, I don’t want to mislead you by the title. My vision for Calvary has come through years of connection with the heartbeat of the Father. Connection that costs something¬†because God has a unique way of shaping the man before the ministry. What you’re about to read comes from my own willingness to follow the voice and heart of God, no matter where He leads me.

Calvary’s Vision Statement

Calvary is a community of growing sons and daughters of God who are empowered to carry out their life’s ministry and are united in wholehearted, passionate worship of God.

Community, Where it All Starts

I see Calvary as a community. Community has no set recipient but is created when people choose each other. Small, daily choices of connection over time build a strong community. We call our community family. We’re family because God is our Father, we are His children. We are siblings, connected as one body under Christ.


Without growth, our community could well turn into a club. We are all growing up into Him, who is the head, Christ (Ephesians 4:15). God draws us, we yield. He is good, we change because of it. Growth in and into Christ requires repentance. Repentance means to change your mind, heart and actions. It’s easy to change for someone who is so good.

Our Life’s Ministry

Calvary doesn’t start ministries for the sake of having them. We don’t initiate programs either. Instead, ministries happen at and through Calvary because they are birthed, nurtured and matured in the heart of one of our members. Once someone’s life ministry is strong enough, our community endorses it and puts effort behind it.

United Worship

I recently sat in on one of our worship teams meetings. One of the members turned to me and said: “You’re a good preacher, so I hope this doesn’t offend you. But I want people to come to our church because they know God is there. Because they feel Him and are lost in His presence during worship.”

I wasn’t offended. I want nothing more than that and I know we will get there. As a Church we are becoming more focused and intentional during worship. We are creating more opportunities to worship together. Our worship Pastor is developing resources to help us become better worshipers. I believe success as in worship is marked by continual improvement. We want to be successful.

Final thoughts

So badly do I want to see Calvary fulfill this vision. I know that when that day comes, God will have a greater vision waiting for us. It’s the journey that excites me. I’m glad you’re on it with me!

I’m Keith and I’m the Pastor at Calvary in Ely. I care for you and want you to live in the vision God has given you for your life. I’m praying for you.

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