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Recently I’ve seen something I have never noticed in the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:12-32).

God is our father and is overwhelmingly concerned about his connection with us. This story teaches us that God our Father is more concerned about connection with us than our sins or even our faithful service.

In verse 31 the Father tells the son who stayed: “you are always WITH me.” That word WITH in the Greek is metá. It means: with in the sense of accompaniment or union. He tells the son who stayed that it was good to celebrate the return of the lost son because he is now found, dead and now alive. In short, He gets to be with him again!

The Father never scorned the sins of the lost son or rebuked the loyal service (vs 29) of the son who stayed. This is interesting because we place such a high value on loyalty and obedience to God. But we should place a higher value in connecting with the Father as sons and daughters!

This parable reveals that metá (being with him in unity) causes God the greatest joy!

If you’d like to hear a Sunday Morning Message where I talk about this in more detail, click here.

I’m Keith and I’m the Lead Pastor at Calvary in Ely. I care for you and want you to be connected with God your Father in a powerful way. I’m praying for you.

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