Children and parenting is a huge subject! I’ve narrowed our conversation down to three areas of focus that can help relieve some tension in your marriage, help you identify what kind of parent you are, and help you add value to your kids.

Kids? Yes or No?

Let’s start at the beginning! Do you want to have children or not? Some couples do, others don’t. In some marriages, the husband wants them, the wife doesn’t and vise versa. It’s important to know how your spouse feels about the matter and talk about it periodically. Remember to practice your healthy communication techniques.

If you have children and are feeling overwhelmed or burried, be sure and talk it through with each other in private. Come up with a plan that will help each of you be the best parents you can.

Parenting Styles

I’m going to talk to you about three parenting styles from Love and Logic by Jim and Charles Fay.

Download the Three Types of Parents – Love and Logic.

Making Time for Them

Finally, our kids need value added to them through time, conversations, gifts, encouragement and many other things. It is important for you to learn your children’s love languages in order to know how to best communicate love to them. Just as you and your spouse have learned how to make time with one another, make time for your children as well.

Being proactive together with your kids may help you resolve parenting issues you and your spouse may have. Family time is the staple of the home, so if you and your partner are having issues, be mindful not to bring those items up when it is time to bond with your children.


If you are looking for some good parenting material I suggest Love and Logic by Jim and Charles Fay and Danny Silk’s parenting series.