Followers not Fans

Moral of the story: don't leave the game when it gets tough. Don't bail Because you may not like what's happening. Be a follower not a fan. Good news is, if you have left the game there's not a re-entry fee. The door is open, no questions asked.

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Be Fruitful

Consider for a moment what your life would be like if you believed, trusted and lived from a position of the promise that you will succeed, prosper, multiply and have a pleasing variety in life.

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What’s Your Church Like?

Above all our church is family. Not just a family, but if "family" could be a verb... that's us! We have a huge desire to see that every guest and member feels that they belong to this family! We express this desire in simple things like greeting everyone well when we meet to caring for one another's practical needs in the spirit of service.

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Those in Need

I've been in a dark place myself, dark light radiating from my soul. In desperation I called out to find something to shine in place of my darkness. Someone answered back. His name is Jesus Christ.

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