Train Your Brain to Reign – Part 1

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“Train Your Brain to Reign” is a series of teachings I developed some years ago. We tend to have the mentality of “Waiting” for God to come with some new Revival or Move when He is already here! I believe the biblical facts reveal this simple Truth: We think we need to “wait” for Him to move, when the Truth is: He’s WAITING FOR US TO MOVE!

The Foundation of Love and Forgiveness

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Love your spouse from a renewed understanding of what love is. Love, in it’s simplest explanation, seeks to love someone more than it seeks to be loved by that someone. When two people in marriage do this, you have what I like to call the harmony of love. It is not a feeling that leads to an action. It is an action which leads to a feeling.

My Vision for Calvary

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My vision for Calvary has come through years of connection with the heartbeat of the Father. Connection that costs something. God has a unique way of shaping the man before the ministry. What you’re about to read comes from my own willingness to follow the voice and heart of God, no matter where He leads me.

Followers not Fans

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Moral of the story: don’t leave the game when it gets tough. Don’t bail Because you may not like what’s happening. Be a follower not a fan.
Good news is, if you have left the game there’s not a re-entry fee. The door is open, no questions asked.

Refreshed, Renewed, Nourished

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In the same way people seek out the hot springs of the desert to be refreshed, renewed and nourished, they will seek Me out during the desert seasons of their lives and be refreshed, renewed and re-nourished by My fire.

Be Fruitful

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Consider for a moment what your life would be like if you believed, trusted and lived from a position of the promise that you will succeed, prosper, multiply and have a pleasing variety in life.

Your Inner Self, Where the Kingdom Is

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What’s on the inside matters. What is on the inside of me, hidden or clearly seen, is my true self. My true self will be reflected on the outside and probably is more than I know. In this post we look at two scriptures that help us improve our inner self.

What’s Your Church Like?

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Above all our church is family. Not just a family, but if “family” could be a verb… that’s us! We have a huge desire to see that every guest and member feels that they belong to this family! We express this desire in simple things like greeting everyone well when we meet to caring for one another’s practical needs in the spirit of service.

Fellowship. Not just for rings.

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In our Church we take a cue from them and see Acts 2:42 as the four core functions of a Church. These four things: prayer, doctrine, fellowship and food have given us some needed glue as a Church.