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When communication is working between husband and wife, it seems the rest of the relationship follows. But what happens when communication is broken or toxic? Arguments, misunderstandings, judgments and name calling are just a few of the problems that rise up when we don’t practice healthy communication. And I do mean it is a practice!

Kingdom Core Values, They’re Important


Perhaps the biggest surprise in being driven by Kingdom values is how it shows up in relationships. There was a time when all of my relationships from close to acquaintance looked scary and dangerous. Now I have a love shield. My shield grows through each new encounter in relationship. My shield exists to protect my connection in relationships.


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The Father never scorned the sins of the lost son or rebuked the loyal service (vs 29) of the son who stayed. This is interesting because we place such a high value on loyalty and obedience to God. But we should place a higher value in connecting with the Father as sons and daughters!

What is childlike faith?

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The grounds of success are fertilized by the grounds of failure! I must keep trying. I must keep childlike faith for what God has called me to do no matter how foolish it looks and feels to get those seeds out again and begin planting with a fresh perspective. Renewing my heart and mind daily to expect success!

A Key to Unity – Acceptance

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Christ already gave all that is needed for unity and in fact, unity exists because of His provisions. The issue is, do I approach unity with the tools of the works of the flesh or the tools of the fruit of the Spirit?