A Great Awakening in the Great Basin

2017-02-14T15:04:41+00:00 February 14th, 2017|Blog, Prophecies|

1 Samuel 18:7

As they danced, they sang: “Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands.”

I asked the Lord to help me understand what he was trying to say through this scripture. He showed me that the people in the region wanted a church much the same way that the people in 1 Samuel wanted a King. King Saul was simply a place holder for God’s anointed, King David. The Lord said that he is unseating the spirit of Saul in the region. Open heavens and true and genuine worship will pour out. I believe that this will be fully activated in June (2017) during the revival but the Lord made it clear that he is tasking each of us to carry the revival into market places. Into our places of work and into the places we “dwell” in. This will mark the day of a great awakening in the Great Basin.